Case Assessment, Guidance & Expert Testimony

You are my client:

  • If you are an attorney or insurance company with a client involved in a dispute.

  • If you are a victim of a dog bite or have a problem with another person’s dog.

  • If you have been injured and want to seek the proper restitution allowed via insurance or the legal system.

  • If your dog injured a person or a dog, or if someone is reporting your dog’s behavior.

I have been qualified as an expert witness in Animal Regulation hearings and civil cases in Municipal and Superior Court in Los Angeles, Ventura and Riverside Counties. I have worked on several dozen cases as an impartial evaluator and for both dog bite victims and as an expert witness representing clients, attorneys and insurance companies.

I can help you with case strategy as well as expert testimony to substantiate your position. Since there are always three sides of any dispute: yours, theirs and the unbiased viewpoint, many issues are subject to varied interpretation. I bring my broad base of knowledge to both victims and defendants in nuisance, aggression and biting dog cases. My insight allows me to guide you to a successful resolution no matter which side you are on.

As an advisor to your legal and insurance team, I can help you understand both sides of the behavior issue and prevent nasty surprises from opposing expert witnesses. I have appeared as a court approved dog behavior expert and have worked with many owners, attorneys and insurance companies providing case guidance and strategy for both victims and defendants on problem dog cases. As an expert witness and legal case advisor I will not compromise my integrity, but will give you my best insight on all the possible scenarios of your particular situation.

If you retain me, and if it turns out that the case is not likely to go your way I will be sure to let you know that too. Most bites could be prevented with proper care and control of the dog. Typically offensive dog behavior originates from some history of cause and provocation. Better to know now than to be blindsided in court by an opposing expert witness.

I have experience with:

  • Dog Bite Victims
  • Aggressive Biting Dogs
  • Conflict Resolution and Neighbor Disputes
  • Barking and Property Damage
  • Animal Killing
  • Attacks on Humans, Cats and Other Dogs

Click here to contact me and have me review the facts of the case and make the proper recommendations as to what is and isn’t normal dog behavior. By doing so I will make sure you know all of the relevant facts from the point of view of the dog’s behavior. I will give your case direction and prevent you from being surprised by the opposition. It is this insight that I bring when I consult on dog behavior cases.

Download – Jonathan P. Klein, Curriculum Vitae


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    • Trained nearly 10,000 dogs
    • Over 20 years consultation and testimony experience in administrative, criminal and civil cases
    • Voted Best Dog Trainer in Los Angeles 2009-2014 CityVoter and MyFox LA Hotlist


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