Jonathan P. Klein CV

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Degrees and Professional Certifications

  • Bachelor of Arts, Business Economics and Communications (minor), UCSB, 1980
  • Professional Obedience Instructor, The Balu Academy for Dog Trainers, 1989
  • Protection Dog Trainer, The Balu Academy for Dog Trainers, 1991
  • CA State Licensed Protection Dog Operator #PDO188, 1991 – 1992
  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) by Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers
  • Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) by International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
  • Member of the certification Application Review Committee of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
  • Developed training curriculum for Pets for Vets, Inc. national chapters
  • Member, Board of Trustees, Association of Professional Dog Trainers

Dog Behavior Expert Witness and Case Consultant

  • Qualified as expert witness in more than 25 cases in Municipal & Superior Court and Animal Regulation hearings
  • Experience in behavior evaluation, case preparation and strategy for plaintiffs and defendants in administrative and civil cases
  • Expert witness testimony in depositions and court appearances

TV, Video, Radio Appearances and Interviews

  • Quoted or interviewed for articles in Associated Press, USA Today, Reuters News Service, Parents Magazine, Purely Simple, Family Media, American Veterinary Medical Association, National Geographic Kids, Today Online, Family Circle Magazine, Business News Daily
  • Appeared on NBC Nightly News, Dog Tales TV, A Wing & A Prayer Documentary, Wynn with Dogs, NBC’s Hard Copy, KNX News Radio, Animal Planet, The Deborah McMahon Show, The Real Dr. Doolittle, In the Doghouse, Evening Outlook Santa Monica
  • Contributed as Columnist for Pet Press LA, Dog Days LA, Pet News & Views, Fido Friendly, Tails Magazine
  • Hired as Studio Trainer for Animal Actors for Friskies Pet Food, Ranier Ale, Maxicare Insurance, Security Pacific National Bank

Insight, Experience, Intuition and Integrity

  • Insight to understand an issue and ability to answer questions clearly
  • Experience speaking before audiences of one to several hundred participants
  • Conducted thousands of fact finding interviews with dog behavior clients
  • Reputation based on years of integrity, experience and consistent results
  • Ability to remain impartial and give non biased answers

Training Director, “I Said Sit!” School for Dogs 1988 – present

  • Developed Los Angeles’ Premier School for Dogs, operating since 1988
  • Trained nearly 10,000 dogs
  • Experienced in determining causes and solutions for aggression and other dog behavior problems
  • Created and implemented diverse curriculum for the education of dogs and their owners
  • Popularized “Causitive Training Solutions” where behavior problems are solved by eliminating the cause, rather than suppressing the symptoms

Professional Association Member (Includes past and current memberships)

  • Association of Pet Dog Trainers
  • International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
  • Dog Obedience Instructors and Trainers Association
  • National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors
  • Animal Behaviorists and Trainers of Southern California
  • Southern California Dog Trainers Forum

Consultant as Behaviorist/Trainer/Evaluator

  • New York SPCA, SPCA LA, LA Department of Animal Services, Riverside Animal Control, Friends of Animals Rescue Organization, Much Love Rescue, Boxer Rescue, Adopt a Chow, Great Pyrenees Association, National Brittany Rescue, I.C.A.R.E., Pets for Vets, Doris Day Pet Foundation, Golden Retriever Rescue of Greater Los Angeles, NKLA and Best Friends Animal Rescue


  • Voted Best Dog Trainer in Los Angeles 2009 – 2013 LA Hotlist
  • 1st Place wins in obedience competitions in Scent Hurdles, Canine Frisbee, Canine Biathlon

Presentations Given

  • Agoura Library – Building Confidence
  • Beverly Hills Kennel Club – Dog Trick Training, Scent Hurdle Demonstration
  • Friends of Animals – Rescue Dog Training
  • K9 Obedience Club – Dog Trick Training and Demonstration
  • Malibu Kennel Club – Dog Trick Training and Demonstration
  • Oakwood School – Engaging training with kids
  • Pet Orphans – Rescue Dog Training
  • Playa Vista Library – Positive Training Solutions
  • UPS – Bite Prevention and Safety
  • WLA Obedience Training Club – Behavior Modification Techniques
  • Southern California Dog Trainers Forum – Choice Based Training

Continuing Education

  • Tustin Study Group                                                                           1988-1990
  • Animal Behaviorists and Trainers So Cal                                     1990-1991
  • Anders Hallgren                                                                                 1993
  • Karen Pryor/Gary Wilkes                                                                 1994
  • Terry Ryan – Behavior and Training                                             1995
  • Cesar Millan                                                                                        2003
  • Cheryl Smith – Aggression                                                                2004
  • Southern California Dog Trainers Forum                                     2004-Present
  • Pia Silvani – Aggression & Social Behavior                                   2005
  • John Rogerson
    • 4 day course Behavior                                                          2005
    • 7 day course Train and Behavior                                       2006
    • 4 day Aggression                                                                   2007
    • 4 day Canine Biathlon                                                         2006, 2007
    • 3 day Behavior Analysis                                                      2014
  • Nicole Wilde/Trish King                                                                  2007
  • Veronica Boutelle – Curriculum Design/New Approach           2008
  • Jean Donaldson/Janis Bradley – Counseling Aggression         2009
  • Ian Dunbar – Play and Puppy Training                                        2010
  • Sophia Yin/Sarah Kalnajs – Behavior                                            2010
  • Sue Sternberg           – Dog Dog Group Dynamics                        2010
  • Pat Miller Seminar – Behavior                                                       2012
  • CPDT Study Group                                                                            2012
  • Bob Bailey/Sophia Yin – Dog Training: Craft or Technology  2012
  • APDT Annual Conference                                                                2013
  • Douglas L. Field – The Dynamite Deposition                               2013
  • Karen Pryor’s Clicker Expo                                                              2014
  • APDT Annual Conference                                                                2014


Online Discussion Groups

  • IAABC Dog Behavior Group
  • Truly Dog Friendly
  • POS Dog Business
  • Dog Day Care
  • CPDT Study Group
  • APDT on Linked In
  • Multiple Facebook Dog Training Groups

Click to download Jonathan P. Klein’s Full Curriculum Vitae

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    • Trained nearly 10,000 dogs
    • Over 20 years consultation and testimony experience in administrative, criminal and civil cases
    • Voted Best Dog Trainer in Los Angeles 2009-2014 CityVoter and MyFox LA Hotlist


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